Identify better, identify more

written Nov 15, 2023

Get better at identifying species

iNaturalist is a phenomenal tool for identifying species. You can share your photos and audio recordings and people from around the world will help you to identify the species.

To get started with iNaturalist, check out their help pages, and if you run into problems, there’s a vibrant community of iNat users on the iNaturalist Forum where you can post questions.

If you’re in New Zealand, the iNaturalist NZ community also maintains a list of preferred observation fields, many of which are helpful for adding more structure to your observations.

While photos and audio recordings are great ways to identify species, you don’t need a photo or recording for every wild count. Here are some tips on how to decide what to photograph.

If you want to step up a notch bulk upload annotated geotagged photos to iNaturalist, check out this workflow.