Introducing WildCounts Spoken

Sometimes your hands are too busy and you’re moving too fast to type in counts. At times like these that you need WildCounts Spoken.

written Sep 11, 2021 • by Jon Sullivan • Category: Count methods

WildCounts Spoken is a set of standard words and phrasing for speaking wild counts into your phone as datetime-stamped geotagged audio notes. You can then transcribe them using Amazon Transcribe and convert them into formatted wild counts data.

Details coming soon.

Here’s a sneak peak, using WildCounts Spoken phrasing for the examples from the introduction to WildCounts Shorthand:

Shorthand Spoken
bellb 1 "one bellbird"
bellb 1vsxm "one male bellbird song then seen"
bellb mn_sw1vsxm "one male bellbird song then seen mid near to the southwest"
bellb mn_sw1vsxmir! "one male bellbird song then seen mid near to the southwest photo recorded different bird"
bellb 1f_sw "one bellbird flying southwest"
bellb 1@ "one bellbird same bird"
bellb 1?(or starling) "one bellbird question mark or starling"
bellb 1xma*1j "one adult male bellbird with one juvenile bellbird"
bellb mon1f "one bellbird flying mid over near"